Private Racetracks on TypeRacer

Posted on May 7, 2008. Filed under: TypeRacer News |

We’re happy to announce that within the next 24 hours you will be able to invite your friends to race you live in a private chat room on TypeRacer! Many of you have been asking for this capability and we’re thrilled to be releasing it!

You’ll know that private racetracks have become available when you see these two new options on the main menu:

Select “Race your friends” to host a new racetrack. Once you are in the racetrack, you’ll see a URL that you can give to your friends (in an email or instant message). This full URL is for everyone who doesn’t use TypeRacer from the social sites. For those friends who use TypeRacer from Okrut, Hi5, or MySpace, you’d use just the numeric code, which they will be able to enter from the main menu (by clicking on “Join a private race”) after logging into TypeRacer from their social site.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about this new feature after you’ve had a chance to try it!

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62 Responses to “Private Racetracks on TypeRacer”

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My space bar in the game is not working!


How does this work?

Yeah, I’ve been racing then every few races I am unable to use the space bar as well. Why does this happen? It says “fix typo” but The only thing that there is to fix is the spaces between the words and that is not my fault. What is going on.

Por favor, pueden ayudarme; uso mozilla 2.14 y en esta práctica no puedo poner espacio con la barra del teclado.
que puedo hacer?
gracias y disculpen

I think the people who are typing >80 words a minute are using voice recognition software.

This game rox

This game is awesome

So sweet! Totally looking forward to this. Thanks!

I type 130 wpm and I’m nearly breaking my keyboard. How does someone get 200 wpm?!

Unless its Dvorak, 200wpm on a QWERTY keyboard isn’t quite feasible

This game is so awesome! I am totally addicted…

This game is really good lol
Deffo when am in class like now and want something to doo.. get rid of the boredom…
me and my mates race against each other
Can’t wait for the chat room =]
Cyaa!! xx

Oh Guys!!
If you spacebar doesnt work
Press ENTER!!!!

This is such an awesome site and it really helps me with my typing!!! When are you going to have this on Facebook?

can you get rid of the pop-up errors? they slow you down

can you get rid of the pop-up errors? they slow you down

I just wanted to say that the game is perfect. But there is one really annoying thing. Some times when you’re in the middle of a race and type wrong a pop-up shows telling what to do or something like that.. and screws up everything, you just cant hit the Ok button fast enough and sometimes it makes me mad!

Thanks for the feedback!

Luciano and Anonymous, the guys writing about the typo alert dialog – we added this because people were complaining about their spacebar not working, which we thought was because they made a typing mistake and didn’t realize that they had to fix it. We just wanted to make it obvious that you have to fix the typo if SPACE is not working. We understand that this alert is annoying and we will get rid of it. Just wanted to see if people still complain about the spacebar after this.

Eduardodealberdi and the rest of you suffering from the spacebar not working – are you still having that problem? Or was I right to assume that you probably made a typing mistake and didn’t realize it?

So what do you guys think about the new private racetracks? They are now available from the main menu!

How do I log out? This isnt my name

Definately don’t like the popup error dialog. Also, please make the space count as a character when you typo because if it doesn’t count, it messes up the number of backspaces.

Also some of the quotes have grammatically incorrect commas. I’ll tryo to make a note of them when I see them. I think there was one in the napalm quote.

Definately don’t like the popup error dialog. Also, please make the space count as a character when you typo because if it doesn’t count, it messes up the number of backspaces.

Also some of the quotes have grammatically incorrect commas. I’ll try to make a note of them when I see them. I think there was one in the napalm quote.

Please remove the popup which you hav made for every wrong typing , it is really making a lot distraction in competing @ type racer

This is an excellent site. As a teacher, I’d love to introduce my class to the site, but there needs to be a way of selecting a passage with simpler language.

i cant get the game to work at all.

help! x

Get rid of the alert box, please. I can figure out my typo myself, without clicking on an OK button.

i really like this website and i got one thing to say :)… you could add useful stuff like so people could learn something beside typing fast:

Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman who developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph and a long lasting light bulb. Dubbed “The Wizard of Menlo Park” by a newspaper reporter, he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production to the process of invention, and therefore is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory.

(got that from Wikipedia)
…u know stuff like that…

Thanks for expressing your concerns about the typo alert dialog. We have just replaced it with a less intrusive warning message, so that your typing will never be interrupted again! Sorry for the temporary inconvenience that you encountered.

In case you were wondering why this warning was necessary in the first place – many first-time players had trouble understanding that when the box turns red they have to go back and fix their mistake. We received lots of complaints like “my spacebar is not working,” because it wasn’t obvious enough that they are typing the wrong thing.

Could you try the new typo handling in TypeRacer and let us know what you think?



4 some reason when i try to put one of my friends code in it is saying this code is invalid and something

Seen The New Alert Popup, yes This is certainly better than the previous one.



Muito legal, porém, falta o jogo em português, pois digitar em outra língua, é difícil.


Much nice, however, absence the game in Portuguese, because type into another language, is difficult.

Its a great feature, but now get rid of all the cheaters. I’m a VERY fast typer and I can only get 125 wpm at best. The fact that people can easily pull 220 wpm is ridiculous. They are just advertisers or nerdy programmers.

If you want this to really take off, you need to get rid of cheaters.

This game rocks on a Mac!

Yes, cheating is a big problem here. I type in the range of 90-130wpm, depending on the passage, and I see some players’ racecars go from start to finish instantaneously.

Then again, it’s pretty sad if you have to cheat at a typing game.

For example, I just witnessed two players (on separate races) with their racecars sitting at the start for 15 seconds, and then instantaneously appearing the end. This generally nets them scores around 200-300wpm.

I very much like this site. However, I a small number of the quotes are annoying to the point of prompting at least one player to forget about playing this game any more.

Specifically, the Tolles is a religious writer who makes some statements that contradict biblical truth. My children enjoy typing, but have expressed concern about those statements.

It would be better for the site to eliminate some of the controversial quotes and focus on continuing to make this fun site a desirable venue for all typists regardless of theological persuasion.

I just found out about this site from Pop Candy on USA Today. I love this! I am having a blast even just practicing my speed typing. I just forwarded this site to a boat load of my friends!

There is only one way of cheating in this game – that’s by using a script to enter the words for you. The cars are not moving instantaneously across the track. It’s just screen update that takes too long.

I personally am capable of reaching 200+ WPM (I believe I’m on the list). But only using DWORAK configuration, and for passages that I have memorized.

LOL at the “religious” poster 3 posts above me. That fundie is a riot. What’s next – burning all books that don’t fit into your narrow-minded backwards world-view? Dark Ages ended centuries ago – get on with times, it’s about time you reach enlightenment…

I bet the religious writer got angry at the quote from the chemistry textbook as well.

God said nothing about intrinsic angular momentum!

My name is fastman!!

we should be able to use the same code each time

Is it possible for people who share a computer to each have their own name/scores?

This game is freaking awesome!! Too bad I’m a brazilian guy and it’s kinda hard to type quotes in english(57avr.speed).I guess it’s better of this way, ’cause the quotes are from films mostly and they are originally mostly in english.. but it would be nice in the future have some kinda option to quotes in other languages.


Again… This is an excellent site. As a teacher, I’d love to introduce my class to the site, but there needs to be a way of selecting a passage with simpler language. Why can’t you have races suitable for upper primary, secondary and adult?


We need more levels of skill, so far we have
average, pro and megaracer but we need more in
between levels and higher levels to reach like
“Sensai typer” or something like that.
Another idea is to have different leagues for
online racing so you race people at your skill
level or see what its like against a better


hello people

I think that private races are a good way to hang out with your friends and i can’t figure out how to set it up!!!!!!

aff … isto devia era ser em portugues:P
mesmo assim sendo em ingles ja me fartei de ganhar loool

i love tyepracer

I’m going nuts. As I type along, I get “fix typo” errors as I’m typing. This happens happens when I am typing correctly. Not just on spaces. I’m using Firefox, and have turned off all my addons, and tried to do numerous things to get it to stop. Any help?

how do i add people i meet on here so i cann chat with them????

Me and my friends play the private race every day in keyboarding class free time. Keep it up!

when we create “Race your friends”, PLEASE indicate each guest as guest 1, guest 2, guest 3, guest 4……..
because of this trouble
as racing with my friends, I am always confused with recognizing each friends of mine

I always thank for your site developing our typing speed

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