New English Texts Added – December 2019

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☃️ Happy holidays all typists! Hope everyone’s been enjoying themselves during the last month of the decade. We’ve added ~130 user-submitted texts to the main environment, as well as adding texts from TypeRacer for Kids into the main track. We’re now reaching ~6,400 texts in total.

As always, if you would like to recommend your favorite texts, feel free to submit them via this form. Make sure you follow the forms guidelines, and you may see your text submissions on TypeRacer sometime during the next decade 🙂

Check out TypeRacer Data for more detailed leaderboards and information, including analysis on each texts; as a reminder, a complete text database with all content on TypeRacer is available in the TypeRacer Pit Stop here.

🔨 Site Moderation

I would like to personally thank members of our moderation team for painstakingly reviewing and curating the list of user submitted texts — in addition to their contributions in moderation, making TypeRacer the best-moderated typing site on the net!

Thank you:
Andreaak00, DayColor, Dan, Josasim, KeeganT, Poem, Shoemaker-Levy-9, Styrofoamp, Vielle, Vinni, pentalonTeilo


Texts submitted by the following users have been activated in this batch:
7r33, Akko_, JonnyCheddar, Kazushi, Kurt_Goedel, Mansoor, MeoweyCupenTCMC, Willjum, Wyurf, aalbertl, aleceoff, ant1que, aricori21, asterp01, atthetop, cass_l, celsius233, cybwong, dangsta, danieldsamaral, derrickrzan, dev_rec, djseifer, foggyy, ginoo75, gz40, h_sauce01, henryv70itsmathimself, jgg_im_bad, KeeganT, kleerf, kooooky, lordfarquaad, making_poutine_everyday, mattbierwirth, modusoperand, mywaifubestwaifu, nekoyuni, ness_20xx, nickn2, oonz, sam2001, snake_eyes, styrofoam, tacocat, tech2, timjeffery44, tkpwaeub, toaadam, tony_stark_lives, volhosis, war0blade, witjo, wvgman, xenonpulse, xiveski_, xxcrunchyyt

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