TypeRacer Custom Racetrack Moderation Commands!

Introducing new Racetrack Moderation commands for everyone who creates their own racetracks to play with others! You can now control who’s allowed in your rooms and remove annoying griefers & cheaters out.

Right now, this is the first iteration of these new racetrack features. We’re hoping to make these GUI based as well. We also want to add more Racetrack customization features. Please let us know in TypeRacer Discord what kinds of features you’d like to see come to your own racetracks.

NEW Moderation commands (For Racetrack Creators)

//ban <username>

Allows the racetrack creator to ban anyone from their racetrack, preventing them from joining. User must be already present to be able to ban.

//unban <username>

Unbans an already banned user from the racetrack

//ban -list

Prints the current ban list of those who were banned from the racetrack.

//set allowGuests <true/false>

Toggles whether you want to allow guest racers in the racetrack. Setting this to false will block all guests from joining the racetrack.

All TypeRacer Racetrack Commands

You can view the full list of documented commands for racetracks at the link below.



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