New Record: Typist KeeganT hits HALF A MILLION races total! (500,000 RACES)

Can you truly imagine the amount of time and dedication it takes to accomplish that many races total on the site? KeeganT definitely knows what it’s like. On July 7, 2022, a new TypeRacer record was broken, the first user to achieve half a million races on the site.

We’ve decided to bet if he manages to hit this insane number, we’ve give him his very own custom avatar that is entirely exclusive to him, which really motivated and drove him to break the 500,000 race barrier! KeeganT has been racing and playing on TypeRacer since Feb 22, 2017, and is currently averaging around 143 WPM and is already at 559,000 races total. Will he be the first to 1 million races?

What happens if someone does hit 1M races… does the site explode? ­čĺą Who knows!

KeeganT’s typeracer profile

­čĄö Questions for KeeganT!

We absolutely have to get into the mind of this insane and dedicated typist on the site… so we asked him some questions and here are the answers!

How long did it take you to reach 500K races?

KeeganT: 1,961 days, 16 hours, 54 minutes (2/22/2017 – 7/7/2022), including 79 days, 3 hours, 44 minutes of actual in-race time.

Why did you start going for this record?

KeeganT: I initially set my own personal typing goals, with no intention of going for any sort of absurd numbers. But the more I played and watched my number gradually increase every day, there was something unexplainably euphoric that has kept me racing to this day. After I started racing more, I admired those users who had gone the real distance. A particular motivation of mine was TypeRacer legend Michael DeRoche, who after his retirement inspired me to break his race count record and carry on his legacy.

Has your typing speed improved any since?

KeeganT: When I first created my account I was averaging around 80wpm, and I never really dedicated time to purposeful practice. Even though I was completing what seems to be an arthritis inducing number of races, an improvement in speed did actually come along the way. For me, the routine of racing every day was enough to slowly build up speed over time and get me to where I am now.

Do you ever sleep?

KeeganT: Although you may sometimes see me online racing through the night, I do in fact sleep well. My sleep schedule is very all over the place, but I’ve learned that getting a good rest is very important when it comes to being a successful typist.

Are you going to 1 million?

KeeganT: I will leave that for the future to decide. But after all, I am already halfway there. What’s stopping me?

Anything extra you would want let everyone know typeracer records?

KeeganT: For anyone reading, I suggest you find something you really enjoy in life; whether it be typing or anything else; that you can put some genuine effort into, and watch your progression over time. Being able to set my own personal records has always been enjoyable, and having something to do like that can be a real motivation and make other aspects of your life easier. That being said, I do NOT recommend putting thousands of hours into a typing game, you can leave that to the maniacs of the world.

Thanks so much to KeeganT for his insightfulness! If you wish to learn more and ask any questions, please come into our official TypeRacer Discord and connect with the community!

See you all on the track!


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