Addicting Games Turns 20! #AG20 New Avatars and Top 10 Free Games!

Do you remember that one old flash game website we used to play on as kids? Addicting Games? To this day, they’re still kicking with tons of free both new and old flash games to play.

On this day, Sep 20, 2022, Addicting Games, TypeRacer’s parent company, hits the big 20 milestone and we’ve decided to celebrate by adding in some branded avatars to use, both free and premium options!


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🎮 Top 10 Best Free Casual Games to Play

Addicting Games in 2007

Addicting Games has expanded way beyond just being a simple flash games website, as far as creating their own original games all played in the browser. If you like simple casual games like TypeRacer that you’d want to play in your free time in the browser, here’s some of the most interesting hits from Addicting Games you can check out!


APES.IO is a brand new title in which you play as apes with magic wands in an endless battle royale. Explore the vast islands, craft wands and expand your knowledge on spells, and get the crown by becoming King!

2. Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a beautiful massively multiplayer game in which you play as a snake with the objective to become the biggest “littlelest?” snake you can be! Collect skins, achievements, play with your friends, evolve and more!

3. EV.IO

EV.IO is a futuristic halo-esque FPS game, one of the best “Play to Earn” games on the blockchain and built right into the browser with beautiful maps and different types of gamemodes such as Deathmatch, TDM, Battle Royale, Survival, and Capture the Flag!


MOPE.IO is an Agario styled type of game in which you play as animals and climb up the food chain! Start as small as a little mouse and keep growing and evolve to rule the world as a Black Dragon! Collect Mope coins, adorable skins and more in the world of Mope!


DIEP.IO is a classic survival shooter strategy game where you traverse the world of Diep in your very own tank that you can upgrade anytime, defend yourself and attack other players and become #1 on the leaderboard


STARVE.IO is the more hardcore survival game where you have to live off nature in a world of complete anarchy, anything can happen! Gather materials around the world to build your own base to protect yourself from dangerous monsters (and players!) alike.


DEVAST.IO is similar to STARVE.IO, however is a post-apocolyptic survival game, be careful of radiation and ghouls around the world, watch out for evil players. Gather materials around the world, craft weapons and technology to defend yourself, build your own base and more! Build awesome maps using the in-game map editor!


Tactics Core is an online multiplayer MOBA shooter io game based on an RTS game called Strike Tactics. Take to the battlefield with a large selection of powerful units which level up and upgrade based on the number of kills you get.

8. SHOCKWAVE.COM – Daily Games is an online portal full of very casual games that you can do every day. If you like simple games like jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects, find the difference type of games, then this site if definitely for you. Try out these best daily titles from Shockwave

Each of these games have something new to do EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  • Daily Jigsaw – A puzzle a day keeps the bordem away!
  • Daily Jigsaw Travels – Geography based jigsaw puzzle game!
  • Daily Diff – Find the difference between two images, train your ability to see the little details
  • Daily SNOOP – Find new and different objects from a list every day!
  • Daily Word Search – A new crossword puzzle every single day, find the words!

10. Math Games

MathGames offers lots of free and fun games for kids to practice their math skills! If you want something more educational, this is the place! Play educational math games, complete and build your skills with complete video tutorials from actual teachers!