TypeRacer Facelift, Increased Ghosting Save Limits, TypingStats Holiday Event, Win Prizes and More!

TypeRacer Facelift

Big facelift to our site’s main theme (and dark mode too)! Hopefully you like this one way better than the last one. Classic theme should remained untouched for you that use it with userstyles and all. Please make sure to SHIFT + F5 to do a hard refresh when updates go live to avoid display and cacheing issues.

💾 Ghosting save limit increased 5 -> 10

Big request from this community, it’s here. You can now save up to 10 times a day per text. Go break some marathon records now!

❄️ Next TypingStats Event…

If you’re interested in some big competition, definitely check out TypingStats’ upcoming holiday event that is sponsored by TypeRacer! Join a team and fight against the enemy team, score and attack the other team by racing on TypeRacer an earn points! Players will be able to win various prizes during this event! (Yet to have been announced)

For those SUPER into typing, check out TypingStats, the typing enthusiast companion app for tracking your typing statictics!


Hope everyone enjoys the updates! Happy Holidays!