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Until today, we really only had two metrics that let you compare your performance with other racers: typing speed and number of races.  Now we’re introducing a new metric: points, calculated as the number of words typed multiplied by typing speed (in words-per-second).  We’ve already used this metric on the blog, but now we’re officially adding it to your typing stats.  We hope this addition gives more racers a chance to get to the top of the rankings: people who type slower but type more words (finish more races or type longer texts) now have a reasonable chance to get to the top.

Speaking of which, we’ve also created a new Competitions stats section in addition to the old Hall of Fame. This section ranks people by most points earned today, this week, this month, and this year.  We hope to eventually start giving awards to the top 3 winners in each category.


Unfortunately, due to some technical limitations of our database, we can’t award points for races done before this metric was added (i.e. before today).  But the silver lining here is that everybody gets a chance to start with a clean slate 😉

I am hopeful that this new addition will spur even more competition than before.

Please let us know what you think in the comments!

– Alex E. (typeracer)



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