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New English Texts Added – May 2019

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We’ve reviewed and collected your text submissions this month, with ~150 new English texts activated and ready to be typed! The “play” universe has now officially reached 6,000 unique texts.

Special thanks go to Styro (styrofoamTRData) and JGG (jgg_im_bad TRData) for reviewing hundreds of user-submitted quotes, as well as Pentalon (pentalon TRData) for managing recent user feedback and corrections.

💡 We’re listening to feedback!

Corrections of the texts such as typographical errors and non-typeable characters have been implemented across a variety of languages based on user feedback. See a problem? Email support [at] typeracer.com, or head to our Discord. We read 100% of messages shared in the #feedback channel, and also have #new-text-discussion, channel dedicated to discussion round new content in any language. As always, we hope you enjoy the new content.

📝 Want to contribute?

Do you want to type your favorite quotes on TypeRacer? We’re encouraging everyone to send in submissions! Just click on the “Contribute” button at the bottom of the page to submit any content (in any language). Typos and formatting issues will generally result in your submission being denied. Remember, only complete submissions will be considered, including a valid ISBN-10 or ASIN number for all English content. You can find ASIN or ISBN-10 numbers by scrolling down on the Amazon product page for any book/movie/etc. and checking the “Product details“.


Thanks to these users whose content submissions were activated in the batch:

musashiaharon, baited, doodled, volhosis, Purple_love, viggojohansen, robodude22, kido2976, mysticaleevee, tkpwaeub, LeCleric, terrible_typist, Eruannion, plorksauce, trickroom, ashbygeek, mattbierwirth, newchip35, rom10cort, Tayloryams, joeborez79, lilblukat, aaronadams, dragoness_lily, lion2509, 4beth_esda, mxlxdx, jgg_im_bad, hyper_racer, lunardrift, teiloq, styrofoam, Mavanore, Jazzanaih, ridlzz1, aji3, timjeffery44, KeeganT, h0nny, joshybigmac, ciaerwinbtanpiengco, ambizzle, svt17, toowanjeon, delawarelights, chakk, baconhawka7x, lewist, and BioLlama112.

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New English and International Texts – Apr. 2019

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Over the past couple weeks we activated a bunch of new content on TypeRacer. In English, there’s a total of ~250 new user-submitted English quotes, bringing the total number of English quotes in the main “play” universe up to 5,900. A special thanks goes to Styro (styrofoam – TRData) and JGG (jgg_im_bad – TRData) for reviewing hundreds of user-submitted quotes here, as well as Pentalon (pentalonTRData) for curating a list of high quality content activated last week.

If you see your name at the bottom of this post, at least one quote you’ve contributed is now active, and the user-submitted quotes spreadsheet above will help you see which of your submissions were accepted.

TypeRacer International also continues to move forward. We recently added:

Corrections to texts (typographical errors, non-typeable characters) have been implemented across a variety of languages, based on user feedback. See a problem? Email support [at] typeracer.com, or head to our Discord. We read 100% of messages shared in the #feedback channel, and also have #new-text-discussion channel dedicated to discussion around new content in any language.

As always, we hope you enjoy the new content, and we encourage everyone to click the Contribute link at the bottom of the main TypeRacer page to submit the content you want to type on TypeRacer (in any language). As a reminder, only complete submissions can be considered (including a valid ISBN-10 or ASIN number for all English content). Typos and formatting issues will generally result in your submission being denied.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! See you on the racetrack.

David (valikor – TRData)


Users whose content submissions were activated in this batch:

Garvin Lim


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New Texts – Feb. 2019

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Chat with other typists on the TypeRacer Discord chat!

Last week we activated a new batch of 200 user-submitted English quotes on TypeRacer, bringing the total number of English quotes in the main “play” universe up to 5,645. A special thanks goes to Keegan (keegantTRData) and Jon (jlachneyTRData) for reviewing hundreds of user-submitted quotes here (large spreadsheet – scroll down to the bottom!)

To see all newly-added quotes in one place, check out TypeRacerData.com’s texts page sorted by “Active Since” date; this batch will show up at the bottom of the page, with “active since” dates of Feb-1 or Feb-2.

You can also save a copy of the spreadsheet above to your Google Drive and filter for STATUS: Added: Live: February 1, 2019. If you see your name at the bottom of this post, at least one quote you’ve contributed is now active, and the spreadsheet will help you see which of your submissions were accepted.

Here’s a small preview of some of the cool new content added to TypeRacer:

  • Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, a book by Jon Erickson
  • Dead by Daylight, a game by Behavior Interactive
  • Subterranean Homesick Alien, a song by Radiohead
  • The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, a book by Edward Gibbon
  • How It Feels to Fly, a song by Alicia Keys
  • Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, a book by ZUN
  • Earth to Echo, a movie by Dave Green
  • Made in Abyss, a comic book by Tukushi Akihito
  • Deltarune, a game by Toby Fox
  • What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, a book by Randall Munroe

As always, we hope you enjoy the new content, and we encourage everyone to click the Contribute link at the bottom of the main TypeRacer page to submit the content you want to type on TypeRacer. As a heads-up, only complete submissions can be considered (including a valid ISBN10 or ASIN number) and any typos or other issues will generally result in your submission being denied.

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)



Users whose submissions were included in today’s update:


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2018 Competition Results – Are you in the top-25,000?

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Join to the TypeRacer Discord chat  where you can meet many of the best typists in the world!

The year 2018 has come to an end. Today we’re announcing winners of the 2018 Yearly competition.

Congrats to Belinda (wordracer888 – TRData), Michael (deroche1 – TRData), and Shoemaker (atthetopTRData) for taking the top-3 in both points and races completed. These guys completed around 50,000+ races each in 2018 alone!

Congrats to Henry (ghosthenryzhouTRData), Waleed (arxanasTRData), and Izzy (izzy5468TRData) for taking the top spots for averageWPM. These guys, among the fastest typists in the world, achieved an average speed of 200+ wpm on at least one of their accounts. (Note that premium racers can save practice or “ghost” races, giving them an advantage over free users and helping achieve these unbelievable speeds; additionally, Arxanas is a Steno typist).

The blog post below contains some highlights of the 2018 competition statistics, as well as a number of links to larger data sets. Us “normal” folks might not see ourselves in the blog post below, but check out the stats for your country to see where you stand!

If you did more than 110+ races or averaged more than 75+wpm during 2018, you should be able to find yourself as a top player in your country! Check out the links below.

Prizes will be announced soon.

Points/Speed/# of Races – Worldwide TypeRacer Champions

Leaders in “points”, “avgWPM”, and “nRaces”. Click the picture to expand to the top-500 in each category (Google Sheets). The cutoff for inclusion in the top-500 is 224,000+ points, 130+ wpm average, or 3100+ races in 2018.


2018 Champions by Country – Points/Speed/# of Races

Veteran racers will know that the Pit Stop Competitions results page shows a maximum of the top-100, and on a site with millions of typists, even if you’re a talented and dedicated typist, chances are you didn’t make the cut.

To recognize more typists, and let people know how their 2018 performance stands, we crunched the numbers for three key categories, breaking the results down by country.

Note: Find your country by choosing the corresponding sheet at the bottom of each spreadsheet linked below. 

(1) points leaders by country – (speed * characters typed); (Google sheets – Click here to find yourself!)

(2) WPM leaders by country; (Google sheets – Click here to find yourself!) and;

(3) races completed leaders by country; (Google sheets – Click here to find yourself!)

The points category is broken down by country for TypeRacer’s top-35 countries (by points); averageWPM and nRaces are broken down by country for TypeRacer’s top-15 countries. If you’re from a smaller country, you’ll need to check the bottom of this post to see how to see the stats for your country.

The leaders from TypeRacer’s big-5 countries are below.

Top-25 Points Champions in the Top-5 Countries

#1 US 

#2 Canada

#3 Australia

#4 India 

#5 UK

Top Countries by Points

On the topic of top countries, here are the top-25 countries by points (click the image to see top-100).



  • The results in this post have been generated based on a list of the top-50k racers by points. The raw data is linked below (Google Sheets) and stats enthusiasts can feel free to manipulate the data in whatever way they wish.
  • The files are quite large.

Raw data: (Note: These are large files not recommended for slower computers!)

Top-25k – Fastest WPM (15+ races)

Top-25k – Races Completed

Top-50k – Most Points

  • The top-WPM list has been manually reviewed to ensure the top-100 racers do not include anybody banned for cheating. Approximately 30 users were removed to achieve this. From #100 onwards, banned users will appear in the data.
  • The WPM and nRaces data is referred to as top-25k, but actually contains 50k rows, and data should be considered highly accurate only for the top-25k. This is because these lists were generated by using the top-50k racers by points, and sorting by WPM and nRaces.
  • For the same reason as above, some of the fastest racers on TR will be excluded from the WPM data entirely if they completed fewer than ~15 races during 2018.
  • If there were multiple countries associated with your account during 2018, only one is used for the data in this post.
  • If you live in a smaller country which isn’t included in any of the “by country” stat sets above, you can save any of the three spreadsheets above to your own Google Drive and add your country yourself. Go to the far right tab of any data sets and look for the “OTHER COUNTRY” tab. Edit cell B2 to include your lowercase two letter country code in the formula. Example for the nRacers champions in Switzerland (ch):

Replace this (from “OTHER COUNTRIES cell B2”)

=query(importrange(“1AwaDms1e0nbj3t-QqwLsDcctLMeAq4oZcE1MgeOsbLE”,“Sheet1!A2:K12000”), ” Select * where Col4 =’ENTER_COUNTRY_CODE_HERE‘ “,0)

With this:

=query(importrange(“1AwaDms1e0nbj3t-QqwLsDcctLMeAq4oZcE1MgeOsbLE”,“Sheet1!A2:K12000”), ” Select * where Col4 =’ch’,0)

This will return results based on the first 12000 lines of source data (a Google Sheets limitation), which may be enough for you. For smaller countries this may only be a few dozen results; to show more results you’ll need to scroll to the first empty row and copy the formula above, updating the source data to populate from the next 12,000 rows. In the above example, that would mean you paste the exact same formula into column B of the first empty line, but change Sheet1!A2:K12000 to Sheet1!A12001:K24000.

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TypeRacer International – 9 new languages available with user-submitted content

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Quick links:

9 Languages Refreshed on TypeRacer

Over the past few months we’ve been doubling down on expansion into new languages on TypeRacer. Although we first launched TypeRacer International way back in 2009, most of our non-English languages have relied on Google Translate — and the content quality has been poor. We remain committed to phasing out all of the bad Google Translate content and replacing it with 100% user-submitted content from TypeRacers like you, in different countries all over the world.

Today we’re pleased to announce that in the following languages, content is now 100% user-submitted – no more Google Translate.

In addition, the number of quotes in Portuguese and Spanish were significantly increased. See the latest status of all languages, including the number of texts, in Google Sheets here.

Thanks to the following users who contributed significantly to the efforts: typeASDFracer, Warrior, Brugen, Glevion, Jeronimo/SlowMotion, 4nn4n45, Jooker21, Andreaak00, ThePerfidious, Sponandi, Lorissou_, Fou Dubulbe, pissdrache, bhuyquang1, beporacer, uaqlover, oli86, Signal1, and sarait90.

How can you help?

The TypeRacer International project belongs to everyone, and we welcome volunteers to get involved, no matter how much time you have — from 10 minutes to 10 months.

If you want to contribute for 10 minutes

Most of our non-English languages have only 1-2 hundred texts, and we always need more — so help submit great content in your language. In addition, since all the content is user-submitted, and we don’t speak all the languages in the world, we know there could be some content errors — misspellings, grammar, even characters that cannot be typed. Let us know and we’ll fix it.

If you want to contribute for a few hours

In the past, it’s been challenging to engage with our volunteers to localize TypeRacer in different languages. Adding texts into our database was a manual process; we’d have to train people on how to do this (it’s extremely boring) and people would often lose interest quickly. We have now automated the text-entry, and that means our volunteers can now focus on the most important work – identifying high-quality, interesting content in your languages.

If you have a few hours, you can submit a spreadsheet to us (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) including all the required info for 50+ quotes, and we’ll upload your content directly to TypeRacer. Required info is title, author, actual content to type, language, type (book/movie/song/etc.), and ASIN/ISBN-10. See HERE for a sample.


  • Only use content from published sources.
  • If your book/movie/song isn’t available on Amazon, use 0000000000 (ten zeros) for the ASIN/ISBN.
  • Use find/replace to remove non-typeable characters. The most common examples in English are below, but your language may be different.
    • — should be –
    • – should be –
    • “ and ” should be “
    • ‘ and ’ should be ‘
    • … should be …
  • If any of your quotes are long, consider also adding a short version, so typists of different skill levels can enjoy the content.

Since other TypeRacers may have already submitted some content in your language, you can also help us review previous submissions. To do so, you can (1) save a copy of our user-submitted content database to your Google Drive, (2) delete the bad content or fix any errors in your language, and (3) save the good content to the spreadsheet you send to us.

Since our submissions form previously was missing a lot of languages (and is still missing a few), you may need to check “Other” to find content in your language.

The bottom line: Give us a spreadsheet of high-quality content with 50+ quotes in your language (from your favorite books, and/or the content submitted by others) and we can add it to TypeRacer — usually within 3-5 days. See here for a sample.

If you want to be a dedicated leader for your language

Contact us at support@typeracer.com, or come to our Discord channel and check out #new-text-discussion. Because we can only read a few languages, we hope to find leaders for different languages who can help with reviewing submissions (same as above), reviewing feedback about typos/inappropriate content etc. and fixing them in our system, and coordinating with other volunteers in your language.

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)

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New Texts

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Chat with other typists on the TypeRacer Discord chat!

Today TypeRacer activated a fresh batch of English quotes in the main “Play” universe. This batch, along with another activated a few weeks ago, include a total of around 300 new texts chosen entirely from user submissions.  We’d like to extend a particular thanks to Pentalon (pentalon – TRData), Jon Lachney (jlachney – TRData) and Josasim (josasim – TRData) for helping get everything ready. 

Want to help add the next batch of new content? We’re currently streamlining our process for adding new texts to drastically simplify and improve it, enabling more volunteers to participate and increasing the frequency of updates. If you’re interested in helping add the next batch, join the TypeRacer Discord Chat and talk to Jon or Valikor.

As usual, a list of “top sources” is below, and a full list of all the TypeRacers whose contributions were added today is at the bottom of the post. Thanks for everyone’s support in building an increasingly-rich and fresh typing experience on TypeRacer!

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)


Users whose submissions were included in today’s update:














































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Happy Valentine’s Day from TypeRacer – New Texts Added

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Chat with other typists on the TypeRacer Discord chat!

Hi all!

Today, as a Valentine’s Day gift to the TypeRacer community, we’ve activated a fresh batch of English quotes in the main “Play” universe. As usual, we’ve included a mixture of critically-acclaimed sources, popular sources and user-submissions.

Ever wondered what the easiest/hardest TypeRacer texts are? Or which texts you type fastest on? Check out TypeRacerData.

This batch includes 450 new texts (a 10% increase to the total TypeRacer English text selection).

I’d like to thank Vielle (vielle – TRData) for helping support this text growth; we’ve also included some of the labors of Michael DeRoche (deroche1 – TRData) and Sean Wrona (arenasnow2 – TRData), who have helped in the painstaking task of adding texts into the database. This batch includes texts they previously helped enter and which had fallen onto my backlog for activation.  (If you’re interested in helping add the next batch, join the TypeRacer Chat and talk to Valikor!)

As usual, a list of the “top sources” is below — showing all the sources for which more than one quote was added. A list of community contributors who have at least one quote added in today’s batch is at the bottom of the post.

Click here for the full list of texts added, and to see which text of yours was added! 

As a reminder, you can also check out the latest texts in the Pit Stop text database. Below is a sample link — you can find the textID for your text at the link above, and just paste it into the URL (id=XYZ) to see the top scores, how many times your text has been raced, etc.


Thanks for everyone’s support in building the typing experience on the site. We hope the new texts can freshen up the typing experience, and hopefully make it easier to get on the high scores for individual texts.

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)



Users whose submissions were included in today’s update:

Darlen Ballkaniku
Darth Vader (littleani)
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January 2018 Competition Results

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Chat with other typists on the TypeRacer Discord chat!

Congrats to the January 2018 monthly competition winners!

This month’s contest was sponsored by a  donation from ⦗𝐄𝐂𝐎𝐋⦘𝘋𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘕𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘢𝘯 (osubora – TRData) — which I have matched — so we’re distributing small cash prizes to the top typists. Donations are greatly appreciated, so thanks to DankNissan! If anyone is interested in sponsoring the February contest, let us know. 🙂

Jan 2018 Champion Typists

DeRoche1 (Profile / TRData)

Typingartist2 (Profile / TRData)

Click here – Official archive of TypeRacer Speed Records and Competition Winners (Monthly/Yearly)

Viellain (Profile / TRData)


Congrats to Michael, Nihad, and Vielle!



Good luck in the February competition; see you on the track!

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)

Username Points  Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 deroche1 United States flag 893,968 131.8 WPM 220 WPM 97.5% 6033
2 typingartist2 Bosnia And Herzegovina flag 745,363 152.0 WPM 214 WPM 98.3% 5503
3 viellain United States flag 640,725 148.9 WPM 229 WPM 98.3% 4927
4 osubora United States flag 509,625 119.2 WPM 193 WPM 97.9% 4823
5 wordracer888 456,236 126.9 WPM 168 WPM 98.3% 3908
6 vinninq Canada flag 430,890 127.5 WPM 204 WPM 97.9% 5770
7 wintercore Syrian Arab Republic flag 400,835 110.2 WPM 164 WPM 97.4% 4332
8 izzynew 385,898 175.5 WPM 224 WPM 98.7% 2378
9 bblaise Canada flag 362,787 144.6 WPM 198 WPM 99.0% 2988
10 pjayys 353,407 100.3 WPM 132 WPM 97.8% 3931
11 actuallymostlynonquit 319,648 152.5 WPM 213 WPM 97.3% 2683
12 keegant Canada flag 311,442 113.0 WPM 189 WPM 97.1% 3374
13 mikerubby Poland flag 304,015 83.6 WPM 132 WPM 97.0% 4089
14 chimchimchim United States flag 300,336 120.5 WPM 171 WPM 98.5% 2759
15 playscrabble United States flag 280,861 135.4 WPM 201 WPM 98.6% 2347
16 p0sh United States flag 262,234 133.7 WPM 235 WPM 98.5% 2218
17 actuallynonquitforlife United States flag 261,625 113.7 WPM 160 WPM 97.5% 2538
18 lowda9 Canada flag 253,878 95.9 WPM 131 WPM 98.2% 2880
19 trihard7 United States flag 239,716 90.4 WPM 138 WPM 97.8% 3014
20 atthetop United States flag 239,135 120.0 WPM 209 WPM 96.7% 2149
21 mathandphysicsftw Singapore flag 225,116 135.0 WPM 175 WPM 98.4% 1872
22 alanis Romania flag 207,891 118.1 WPM 164 WPM 97.7% 1940
23 defluvz Uganda flag 190,898 111.4 WPM 143 WPM 98.1% 2052
24 nameless337 United States flag 188,490 135.3 WPM 165 WPM 99.2% 1526
25 styrofoam United States flag 182,307 107.8 WPM 169 WPM 97.3% 1885



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“Lag” on TypeRacer – And the Secret to Unlocking the Fastest TypeRacer Scores

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Come chat with other typists in the TypeRacer Discord

Check out our recent blog post about TypeRacerData.com reaching 39,000,000 races in 2017!

The question: Lag?

If you’ve spent some time on TypeRacer, you may have noticed a puzzling anomaly: sometimes your score at the end of the race doesn’t match the score recorded in your typing replay — both of which are displayed at the end of the race.

MaximumChris2 (a.k.a. “Fastest Fingers in India”) loses approximately 27wpm due to latency. Click to see the replay.

The “replay” score is only ever the same or faster than the “recorded” score — if the recorded score is accurate, why is the replay score faster? If the replay score is accurate, why am I getting robbed of my true speed in the officially-recorded score? What’s the difference? We’ll get to the answers below.

I’ve been meaning to blog on this topic for some time now; tonight is the night. While playing some TypeRacer this evening — amidst some problems with my connections — I encountered the bane of gamers (and typists) everywhere: infuriating, punishing lag! (This is how bad it was.)

The lag was of an intensity reminiscent of 1990s dial-up internet on 56k modems — the kind that induces sudden urges to tear out one’s hair and scream, and the kind you may remember back when the internet would drop whenever your mom tried to make a phone call. (Wiki links for younger TypeRacers: dial-up internet and 56k modems).

So what’s really happening here?

The answer: Latency

The answer is that TypeRacer, like many online games, is fundamentally subject to network latency (in competitive TypeRacer parlance, “ping time”). In other words, it takes time (generally a fraction of a second) for your computer to talk to our servers; factors such as your connection quality and distance from our servers work against you if they are poor/far, because they effectively cause our servers to “think” it took you slightly longer to finish the race (thus slower speeds) — after all, it took slightly longer for our servers to receive confirmation that you finished your race.

Why are there sometimes two different scores, though? Because the speed recorded in the replay is calculated arithmetically based on the timing of each character you typed, irrespective of your internet connection. We still use the ping-inclusive speed as your official score, because it’s calculated server-side and isn’t susceptible to hacking or alteration by cheaters — i.e., it’s part of a secure design that ensures TypeRacer remains fair.

Typists at different skill levels type different subsets of all the texts on TypeRacer. Explore TypeRacer texts in the Pit Stop or on TypeRacerData.com.

The good news:

1) Unless you’re in the top 5% of fastest typists, this will likely have little to no impact on you.
2) If you’re in North America and/or have a good internet connection, the impact will generally be negligible.
3) TypeRacer scales its quote length by skill level to ensure that races are long enough to be accurately measured (i.e., faster typists compete on longer quotes, and vice versa).

This screenshot has been included for two reasons. (1) It shows me beating TypeRacer legend Izzy; (2) It shows that, even for typists on questionable internet connections and located on the other side of the world from TypeRacer servers (I’m in China), TypeRacer still generally records your speed with around 98-99% accuracy. The text typed here was among the shortest “Megaracer” texts (209 characters vs. a 200 character minimum), and the recording accuracy would be higher with longer texts and longer races.

#1 and #2 are more or less self-explanatory, since a fraction of a second only matters for the fastest typists, and folks within the North America will generally have a speedy connection to our servers. On #3, many TypeRacer fans are unaware that typists at each skill level will only type texts within a certain range of length; these lengths aim to ensure that each TypeRace lasts around 30+ seconds, and generally no shorter than 26-27 seconds. At this duration, even a slow connection will have minimal impact on your recorded typing speed, guaranteeing accuracy. We also don’t want races to be too short because we don’t think people want ultra-short races — how annoying would it be to wait 5-20 seconds for a race to start, for a racing experience that’s just a fraction of that time?

It is at this point that things get interesting — and controversial. As I write this, I am bracing myself for the yelling, the livid rants, etc. that will be directed at me on the TypeRacer Discord chat, through email, etc. 🙂

The Secret to Typing Ultra-Fast on TypeRacer — and why Lag is Probably Your Fault

For folks who read this post eagerly looking forward to insightful typing advice, I’m sorry to disappoint — this particular post gives no tips on improving your typing. However, I am going to tell you one way (read: “hack”) to get better scores on TypeRacer – the way the pros do it.

The operative idea is simple: most people can sustain higher speeds over shorter periods of time, and on shorter texts — especially after practicing a specific text a few times.

To take advantage of this and get fast scores, we have two main options — i.e. ways to type shorter content:

(1) Find a friend or random person who is a slower typist (beginner level, 0-24wpm) and race against the typing ghosts in his/her replays. This enables you to race ultra-short texts, even if you’re a faster typist. (Saving these scores requires Premium.)

(2) Race against a slower (beginner level) friend in a private race track that he/she hosted. If you don’t have a friend, you can simulate a friend by creating a new account (guest or registered), get a slow average by doing one purposefully slow race, and then hosting a “beginner racetrack” for yourself. Use two different browsers for your two accounts. Anyone who joins this racetrack will be served races on the shortest texts on the site.

This is how most of the recent single-race speed records have been set on TypeRacer; e.g., how Michael DeRoche broke 300wpm late last year.

So there you have it. Although we here at TypeRacer don’t exactly endorse this type of racing, we don’t have any reason (or a good way!) to prohibit typists from typing the content they want to — even if it’s not the appropriate length for their skill level. (Related: type ultra-long texts in our Marathon universe. One race might take you 20 minutes. Remember to set the display to show just one line of text.)

Waiting for the hate mail from the competitive typists to start flowing in 🙂

If you’ve never tried this before, you might find it fun to give it a try. Keep in mind that this is not what TypeRacer was designed for, and by actively seeking out the shortest quotes (even if you’re a Megaracer), you’re circumventing the fundamental controls that TypeRacer has in place to ensure accuracy of your recorded speeds; you’ll be entering the wild wild west, and there’s no guarantee that you won’t lose typing speed due to “lag” or “ping time”, especially if you’re on a slower connection and/or far away from North America.

Good luck breaking those speed records!

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)






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2017 TypeRacer Competition Winners and Assorted Announcements

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Today we’re pleased to announce the TypeRacer 2017 yearly competition winners. The concepts of Points and Competitions were introduced in July; for anyone who’s not familiar, points are earned by completing Type Races (calculated as Points = Typing speed * Text length) and competitions are conducted daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, with winners being calculated based on total points accumulated. The feature wasn’t applied retroactively, so today’s 2017 competition winners are those typists who accumulated the greatest number of points from 7/26/2017 to the end of the year.

The list of the top 50 typists in 2017 is below in this blog post (the full top-100 is in TypeRacer Speed Records and Contest Winners (Google Docs]). Coming out at the top were TypeRacer stars Wordracer888 (TRData) and Deroche1 (TRData) — both averaging between 124-125wpm this year — as well as newcomer Viellain (TRData). We’ll be sending them some TypeRacer T-shirts to say “Congrats!” — it’s great having you guys on the site.

What better way to let people know you’re serious about typing than sporting a TypeRacer T-shirt or hoodie?

We’ll also be sending a TypeRacer t-shirt to the guy whose last on the list below — Mr. Jon Lachney (jlachneyTRData) — for a couple reasons. (1) To thank him for doing a great job leading the TypeRacer moderation team, and (2) To congratulate him on his 2017 typing performance (after all, #50 may be last on the list below, but it’s definitely not shabby out of millions of registered users!).

We’re offering a free year premium subscription to the other leaders in the top-10 — although at least half of them have already supported TypeRacer by purchasing one. We’ll give them next year free if they want.

Congrats to everyone, and good luck in the 2018 contest! The winners are listed below, and a few additional announcements are at the bottom of the post.

2017 TypeRacer Competition Winners

Username Points Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 wordracer888 3,544,345 124.4 WPM 172 WPM 98.30% 31627
2 deroche1 2,901,098 124.8 WPM 317 WPM 97.80% 34193
3 viellain 2,831,396 105.4 WPM 222 WPM 97.90% 40325
4 bblaise 1,710,602 141.5 WPM 203 WPM 99.10% 14674
5 pjayys 1,625,837 93.7 WPM 132 WPM 97.70% 19663
6 chimchimchim 1,589,109 116.8 WPM 170 WPM 98.20% 15227
7 northern_lights 1,511,745 99.1 WPM 145 WPM 98.60% 16762
8 mikerubby 1,306,127 75.4 WPM 136 WPM 97.00% 20465
9 atthetop 1,252,103 122.2 WPM 232 WPM 96.90% 13796
10 kayak1 1,158,499 114.8 WPM 172 WPM 97.50% 11103
11 khronic 1,086,700 107.1 WPM 200 WPM 97.80% 11766
12 p0sh 1,053,562 133.5 WPM 225 WPM 98.60% 10434
13 disclo5ure 1,047,064 149.6 WPM 222 WPM 98.80% 8702
14 lithox2 1,001,555 128.4 WPM 200 WPM 97.60% 8994
15 crdm0 972,073 139.0 WPM 209 WPM 98.50% 8453
16 alpha_panda 959,177 148.0 WPM 285 WPM 98.50% 8665
17 newkeyboardlove 903,845 133.6 WPM 243 WPM 98.10% 10105
18 modest_ked 891,694 132.8 WPM 259 WPM 97.10% 8384
19 mark40511 851,227 114.5 WPM 164 WPM 99.20% 9867
20 thunberg123 791,723 116.4 WPM 168 WPM 98.10% 7936
21 oneguardsam 782,917 78.7 WPM 117 WPM 97.00% 11300
22 typingartist2 753,037 149.4 WPM 207 WPM 98.20% 5825
23 oooyay 751,409 96.4 WPM 137 WPM 97.20% 8703
24 rportnoy 749,107 88.6 WPM 126 WPM 98.70% 9762
25 tajiracer 744,474 103.7 WPM 160 WPM 98.70% 8221
26 vdud3 743,565 129.6 WPM 181 WPM 97.90% 7148
27 vinniwooh 739,708 133.0 WPM 280 WPM 98.60% 11696
28 smallchicken 736,896 93.3 WPM 165 WPM 97.40% 9214
29 mcaso123 735,811 154.0 WPM 246 WPM 97.30% 7403
30 get_a_lif3 698,900 115.5 WPM 177 WPM 97.80% 6775
31 vinninq 691,569 124.0 WPM 205 WPM 98.00% 10976
32 shariqueahmer 690,667 109.9 WPM 175 WPM 95.90% 7233
33 vixt 681,851 99.8 WPM 175 WPM 97.00% 7701
34 neopergoss 679,803 104.9 WPM 136 WPM 98.40% 7217
35 mc0sta 678,301 63.3 WPM 96 WPM 96.90% 12850
36 alanis 657,551 115.2 WPM 167 WPM 97.80% 6319
37 hujala 649,283 150.1 WPM 222 WPM 98.50% 5594
38 volhosis 630,919 129.6 WPM 249 WPM 97.50% 7107
39 miket349 630,723 103.5 WPM 144 WPM 98.00% 6950
40 mattbierwirth 624,798 102.7 WPM 138 WPM 97.20% 6752
41 ronakkaria 619,250 74.6 WPM 121 WPM 96.60% 9500
42 mako640 608,723 155.6 WPM 190 WPM 99.10% 4377
43 amun 598,470 127.5 WPM 184 WPM 98.30% 5295
44 shefakala 595,091 92.1 WPM 140 WPM 96.30% 7474
45 justiceex 588,105 88.2 WPM 138 WPM 97.00% 7490
46 stewiegriffin666 581,453 94.1 WPM 140 WPM 97.30% 7310
47 alyciahtollison 560,395 109.3 WPM 152 WPM 98.40% 5730
48 dizo 554,337 74.3 WPM 103 WPM 97.90% 8499
49 nameless337 546,723 132.8 WPM 165 WPM 99.20% 4564
50 jlachney 543,211 124.8 WPM 225 WPM 97.40% 6435

Monthly Competition Winners

DEC 2017

Username Points Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 deroche1 939,780 150.5 WPM 317 WPM 98.60% 6996
2 bblaise 496,608 143.1 WPM 203 WPM 99.10% 4175
3 newkeyboardlove 459,383 129.9 WPM 243 WPM 97.90% 4415
4 wordracer888 388,218 128.7 WPM 172 WPM 98.30% 3277
5 pjayys 381,254 98.4 WPM 132 WPM 97.90% 4313
6 viellain 325,623 143.2 WPM 222 WPM 98.10% 2779
7 shariqueahmer 316,345 112.1 WPM 175 WPM 96.00% 3230
8 trihard7 311,221 86.6 WPM 123 WPM 97.90% 4089
9 typingartist2 296,175 152.1 WPM 207 WPM 98.50% 2191
10 vinninq 284,243 124.5 WPM 205 WPM 98.00% 3872
11 atthetop 280,335 122.5 WPM 232 WPM 96.80% 2728
12 kayak1 266,717 113.1 WPM 165 WPM 97.40% 2551
13 lowda9 256,275 87.2 WPM 122 WPM 98.20% 3296
14 argyrwnt 241,521 54.5 WPM 87 WPM 95.90% 5571
15 chimchimchim 238,712 118.9 WPM 170 WPM 98.50% 2189

NOV 2017

Username Points Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 northern_lights 777,667 100.2 WPM 145 WPM 98.50% 8500
2 deroche1 634,416 88.3 WPM 308 WPM 97.70% 11568
3 wordracer888 569,763 125.5 WPM 170 WPM 98.30% 5043
4 viellain 511,373 142.4 WPM 218 WPM 98.00% 4360
5 smallchicken 492,835 93.1 WPM 159 WPM 97.40% 6180
6 crdm0 369,829 140.8 WPM 209 WPM 98.40% 3240
7 bblaise 347,570 143.8 WPM 202 WPM 99.10% 2963
8 mikerubby 342,289 79.4 WPM 136 WPM 97.00% 5351
9 analternateaccount 302,703 109.3 WPM 168 WPM 97.80% 3111
10 vinninq 283,474 124.2 WPM 202 WPM 97.90% 4851
11 lithox2 281,471 129.9 WPM 197 WPM 97.50% 2614
12 p0sh 281,302 134.4 WPM 221 WPM 98.60% 2963
13 pjayys 278,058 96.9 WPM 131 WPM 97.80% 3200
14 y4mz 263,551 98.5 WPM 150 WPM 96.50% 2981
15 tajiracer 262,624 102.7 WPM 137 WPM 98.60% 2815

OCT 2017

Username Points Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 wordracer888 1,103,479 123.1 WPM 171 WPM 98.30% 9945
2 viellain 811,400 131.5 WPM 213 WPM 97.70% 7673
3 northern_lights 599,526 97.8 WPM 139 WPM 98.70% 6760
4 deroche1 546,637 131.1 WPM 287 WPM 97.30% 8827
5 crdm0 523,935 138.3 WPM 205 WPM 98.50% 4500
6 lithox2 470,454 125.6 WPM 200 WPM 97.60% 4199
7 p0sh 294,190 131.7 WPM 213 WPM 98.50% 2462
8 mikerubby 273,533 77.1 WPM 124 WPM 97.10% 4116
9 largev 272,617 121.0 WPM 188 WPM 97.70% 3974
10 bblaise 260,967 143.5 WPM 192 WPM 99.20% 2219
11 kayak1 258,305 114.6 WPM 163 WPM 97.50% 2477
12 atthetop 257,956 122.7 WPM 226 WPM 96.90% 2644
13 pjayys 252,915 96.5 WPM 128 WPM 97.90% 3031
14 alpha_panda 250,876 147.4 WPM 271 WPM 98.30% 2288
15 oooyay 248,704 98.2 WPM 137 WPM 97.20% 2817

SEP 2017

Username Points Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 viellain 1,142,533 86.4 WPM 204 WPM 98.00% 25172
2 wordracer888 782,754 124.2 WPM 170 WPM 98.30% 7014
3 deroche1 758,946 153.3 WPM 300 WPM 97.70% 6599
4 chimchimchim 369,278 117.0 WPM 163 WPM 98.20% 3521
5 modest_ked 367,990 131.6 WPM 216 WPM 97.10% 3314
6 mikerubby 317,123 71.4 WPM 109 WPM 96.80% 5209
7 pjayys 315,874 91.3 WPM 126 WPM 97.60% 3979
8 kayak1 280,721 116.5 WPM 172 WPM 97.50% 2690
9 thunberg123 277,777 115.8 WPM 168 WPM 98.20% 2855
10 vinniwooh 274,627 133.2 WPM 194 WPM 98.70% 4749
11 disclo5ure 271,543 150.1 WPM 218 WPM 98.80% 2401
12 wumpified8 265,723 136.2 WPM 193 WPM 97.60% 2180
13 dizo 244,025 74.4 WPM 101 WPM 97.90% 3741
14 susavile 220,000 85.0 WPM 119 WPM 97.80% 2916
15 primalknight 218,547 129.5 WPM 211 WPM 97.70% 2966

AUG 2017

Username Points Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 wordracer888 620,240 123.3 WPM 169 WPM 98.40% 5626
2 vixt 426,588 98.7 WPM 158 WPM 96.90% 4880
3 chimchimchim 418,640 115.8 WPM 165 WPM 98.10% 4131
4 pjayys 397,735 88.0 WPM 118 WPM 97.60% 5140
5 typingartist2 383,871 147.7 WPM 206 WPM 98.00% 3055
6 bblaise 351,537 138.1 WPM 192 WPM 99.00% 3134
7 oooyay 271,887 94.1 WPM 134 WPM 97.10% 3233
8 ultrashibe 246,676 118.5 WPM 180 WPM 97.00% 4158
9 modest_ked 245,952 132.2 WPM 220 WPM 97.30% 2417
10 vinniwooh 242,717 130.2 WPM 188 WPM 98.60% 3725
11 atthetop 240,046 121.4 WPM 215 WPM 96.90% 3061
12 dizo 239,694 74.0 WPM 103 WPM 97.90% 3690
13 khronic 223,622 106.0 WPM 193 WPM 97.70% 2421
14 mark40511 207,607 109.3 WPM 160 WPM 99.00% 2148
15 tencion 202,495 102.6 WPM 143 WPM 97.10% 2230

JUL 2017

Username Points Avg. speed Best speed Accuracy Races
1 erikjscott 133,865 145.2 WPM 219 WPM 98.70% 1113
2 bblaise 125,339 138.8 WPM 183 WPM 99.00% 1090
3 jlachney 114,565 119.6 WPM 196 WPM 97.30% 931
4 playscrabble 108,781 131.9 WPM 182 WPM 98.30% 920
5 vixt 106,303 91.9 WPM 131 WPM 96.50% 1316
6 fastermart 102,641 108.1 WPM 159 WPM 97.80% 964
7 atthetop 81,944 121.3 WPM 213 WPM 96.80% 991
8 wordracer888 79,892 124.9 WPM 170 WPM 98.20% 722
9 alanis 75,709 112.2 WPM 156 WPM 97.80% 775
10 typingartist2 72,901 148.3 WPM 205 WPM 98.10% 578
11 oooyay 70,907 92.6 WPM 120 WPM 97.10% 868
12 jessegarcia 70,849 135.3 WPM 186 WPM 97.70% 609
13 tereterna 63,439 112.0 WPM 145 WPM 98.00% 639
14 elusoryx 60,809 136.6 WPM 174 WPM 98.50% 514
15 tesla_diesel 58,696 120.4 WPM 153 WPM 98.70% 522

Other Announcements

We have a few additional announcements below:

  1. Typist⦗𝐄𝐂𝐎𝐋⦘𝘋𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘕𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘢𝘯 (osuboraTRData) has made a generous $20 contribution for the sake of sponsoring this year’s first monthly contest. I’ve personally matched his contribution, so we have a $40 prize pool for January. The prizes for the January competition are: 1ST PLACE – $20; 2ND and 3RD PLACE – $10. (Paypal account required). Good luck!
  2. The winner of TypeRacer Christmas art contest was been updated on the blog post here.
  3. As a quick “Christmas gift” to a few folks in the community who’ve been asking,  we’ve made two recent changes to TypeRacer universes. (1) began a pilot of a new “marathon” universe  dedicated to ultra-long texts  — currently they’re between 1,500 and 8,000 characters. (The longest texts on TR today are around 850 characters). We included texts such as  The Declaration of Independence (8,000 characters) and MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech (3,000 characters). This track is not for the faint of heart! Make sure you click “Change display format” and choose to display text on a single line. (2) The “code” universe, which features texts in various programming languages, has received some new texts. Feel free to submit texts for either universe!

That’s all for today – happy new years and good luck improving your typing in 2018!

♕ David ♕ (valikor – TRData)

In the Marathon Universe, the ultra-long texts might not fit on your screen unless you change your TypeRacer display settings to use one line only. Recommended for only the most serious typists 🙂


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